We do make holes to fill your cavity walls, but …

When we carry out a survey to give your home the much needed cavity wall insulation, we’ll first survey the brick work.

We’re looking for loose render, loose mortar joints and anywhere that water can ingress.

The last thing we want is for you to complain of damp because water can get in. Anyway having ensured that the walls are in good condition we drill holes as shown in the attached image to ensure that the cavity wall is totally filled so that you don’t have any cold spots.

The holes are really neat and we even mix mortar with chemicals to get a near perfect match so that you’ll barely see them.

So unless you have a brand new home where the cavity is already filled with insulation there is no other way to make your home warm.

But we respect our customers home and our trained staff ensure that you fully understand everything about the installation process before we go ahead.

Don’t worry though we’ll look after your home.